Goosebump Ready…

Do you dare to join the party? This was the question in Kidderminster this Saturday, when the OOTHS team brought their own special Halloween blend of shivers and chills to The Swan Centre. This was the first time that The Swan Centre had run a Halloween event, and at the suggestion from OOTHS to capitalise on the retail calendar, the event proved to be a great success! 

Goosebump Ready at The Swan Centre

The party was in full swing early in the day, with plenty of enthusiastic trail hunters out on the Hubble Bubble trail looking for the missing witches hats. With fake smoke, spooky tunes and even The Swan Centre staff getting dressed up for the occasion, the centre certainly looked the part. The Goosebump Games went down a treat too, with the popular enchanted eyeball challenge being a hit with the kids. Over 100 party bags were distributed at the event for the winners, and our talented face painter was in action transforming faces into pumpkins, spider webs and bats, all by one brush stroke at a time!