So…’What’s your Style?’ Tell us more…

‘What’s Your Style?’ On Friday 29th May through to Sunday 31st May, the OOTHS team were at the Guildhall Shopping Centre in Stafford delivering our #Stylehunters pop-up event complete with style tips competition, mannequin challenge and complimentary style advice bureau.


Our favourite part of the #Stylehunters event was the style tips challenge as it was great hearing the thoughts of everyone who participated and what style meant to people today. Many thanks to F.Hinds for their kind sponsorship of the prizes for the event. We’d like to share the top five winning style tips with you:

1. “Be yourself – don’t be afraid to express who you are through your clothes” (Tabitha Jain)
Our comment: The person who submitted this understands that what you wear communicates to the world who you are and what you represent. Embrace yourself, be confident and express your personality through your clothing.

2. “Be yourself – no matter your size, you are beautiful as you are!” (Nathan Gainsbourgh)
Our comment: This was chosen because so many people are concerned about size and what the label says. Make sure that it fits, then forget about the size tag! Beauty comes from the inside so enjoy wearing your clothes and feel good in them – the results will shine through!

3. “A smile is the best accessory for every girl” (Ridluina Gupta)
Our comment: Accessories are very important and can add the finishing touch to any outfit. However a smile costs nothing and reflects confidence.

4. “Always wear what you feel comfortable in, but it’s always good to try something new – who knows, you might like it!” (Annette Ratcliffe)
Our comment: This recognises the importance of being comfortable and confident in your choices but also understands the benefits of trying something different. Take an item into the changing room that you wouldn’t normally go for, you might be pleasantly surprised. It’s good to see what’s out there and check what’s in fashion. However, don’t sacrifice fit and style for a passing trend.

5. “Don’t just copy! Be inspired by others and put your own twist to your style!” (Miss Stanley)
Our comment: It is good to be inspired by those around you (celebrities, magazines, people in the street) but it is also important to put your own stamp on it and to express your individual style!

We hope these style tips inspire you and put a smile on your face, as much as they to did us! From the OOTHS team we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who participated in the event and we hope you enjoyed sharing some of our style sparkle fun!